A Mouthful of Matt

July 15, 2008

Some of you may recognize that I stole the title for my blog from the title of a culinary column that I wrote for Geneva’s school newspaper The Cabinet my freshman year of college. And if you’re really observant, you may remember that the first article I wrote for the column was on the waffle maker I bought my freshman year of college. Apparently I like waffles.



July 15, 2008

I made a list of unofficial goals at the beginning of the summer. By unofficial I mean that up until now they have only appeared in my head and in conversations with close friends, however now via this blog I am going to share at least one of my goals with you. This goal is to more fully enjoy the richness and beauty of the area in which I live, Beaver County. Beaver County is a place that most people don’t seem to get too excited about. Rightly so, at first glance you see the many abandoned buildings and the pothole filled roads and wonder why anyone would want to live there. However, the longer I’ve lived in Beaver County the more I’ve come to appreciate this area. You have to dig a little deeper, but beauty is there to be seen, whether it be in the many gorgeous spots in nature or in the welcoming locally owned businesses. While I don’t think I’ve necessarily succeeded in my goal up to this point, I have begun to frequent one such business.

This particular business is located in New Brighton and known as Waffles INCaffeinated. You walk in and in many ways its your typical little breakfast diner. There are doughnuts behind the counter, a cooler of milk and juice to be explored, and you can immediately see the cook hard at work behind the four unique waffle irons. As you look at the menu, they have your typical assortment of breakfast foods as well as soups and sandwiches for lunch, however up until now i haven’t strayed from the waffle section.

Waffles of course are their specialty. Underneath the waffles there is a list of both mix-ins and toppings. You can create a waffles with typical things like chocolate chips or blueberries inside and maybe some whip cream or one of their wonderful homemade syrups on top. They also have things that you typically would not think of putting in a waffle. Today I ordered a waffle with ham, mushrooms and provolone cheese inside and at the waitress’s prompting sliced tomato on top. One of my other favorites that I’ve had was sausage and cheddar cheese inside with scrambled egg on top. Next time that I go back and am feeling adventurous I think I may create a Philly Cheesesteak waffle. I’m also interested in creating more dessert friendly waffles like ones with apples and cinnammon inside and vanilla ice cream and caramel on top. The problem with the dessert waffles is that the place is only open until four in the afternoon. I fully intend to suggest to them trying out some more college student friendly hours as the school year begins to approach.

Besides the food, one of my favorite things about Waffles INC. is the community. Its one of those places where people walk in, sit down at the bar, and before they even say a word the waitress hands them a cup of coffee and their favorite doughnut. I’m proud to say that I’ve frequented the place enough recently that when I came in today the waitress did at least recognize me as someone who has been there before. I’m far from having a usual yet because everytime I’ve been there I’ve experimented with something new. Maybe my usual can become the unusual.

Here it is…

July 14, 2008

People have been bugging me to start a blog for quite some time now, mostly my brother. I’ve been resisiting up until now. Partially because I always try to resist new social fads, (it took me a while to get facebook) and partially because I feel like I will never actually have the time to write anything in my blog. However, I’ve kind of had a lot swirling around inside my head lately, so I decided to start sharing it with the world via the internet. I did think about making a blog like Ryan made for Crede on The Office and just opening up a word ducument and start typing in it, but hopefully what I have to say isn’t too shocking for the internet.